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Invoking the Angels

Hi, it's me again....... yes, it's about another party.....but, not just another party. this one is for someone in particular....it's for my and your friend (even if you don't know him yet, you will) Dai.

I, personally call him Angel Dai, because he reminds me of an angel....he has that kind of spirit. he is angelic in the true mythic sense...no malice whatsoever....no mind trips....no bullshit....he's all about love and nothing much else....like what i aspire to. Desert Dai on halloween night he was going home on his motorcycle and got hit by a car. he doesn't know much else about it except the guy who hit him admitted it was his fault, but, it turns out the guy had only the minimum legal insurance......$15,000.00. angel dai had 2 compound fractured arms (that's where they have to surgically put your arms back together) a knee that had to be surgically repaired, a dislocated pelvis, and other physical complications. he spent a month in the hospital and is still recouping.. .although doing much better. his hospital bill was over $200,000.00. the $15,000.00 insurance money will go to the hospital and angel dai is left to go fish. the guy who hit him doesn't have a pot to piss in or sue. angel dai has not been able to work since. dai needs our help now. it is for this purpose we, his friends and loved ones are doing this. please come by and have fun and help a member of our family in a time of need..... you will not be disappointed, i promise. i've never seen so much given so freely (see below)......and, it's for a good cause....dai has given us so much......we'd like to return the favor. you've probably heard him spin at the blue house, the galaxy on haight, my parties, DUSTFISH at Burning Man, or elsewhere....in short, he's a friend and family and i hope you can come by and party your ass off for him .... and you.....see the flyer to follow and know there's even more......... for the power, glory, and beauty of love.............

When: 2/28/03 Friday 9pm-late where: Facility 3 1850 cesar chavez (door 3) at connecticut (Joe Mangrum, thank you is not enough) http://www.facility3.com suggested sliding donation: $5.00-5,000.00 here's a partial list of entertainments:

Live bands-

ALT TAL(east indian fusion), the legendary punk band-

THE NUBS, the splendid singer/songwriter-


GOOFERMAN-almost impossible to describe, but funky nuts! (a spinoff of CHUB).......

dj's- NoMe (accompanied on keyboards by ALCHEMY DARIN) (this is hotter than you can imagine)

Crazy Dave

12 step

and the man himself...... DAI.


tattoos by Vimps (he tattood the monkeys flying out of my ass)

paintings by Jacqueline Cooper (erotic)

portrait session with Karima Cherif (heaven on earth)

samuria pants custom made by Elaine

coats of love by Morninglove

fine wines from Sams

and other surprises......games of chance? (the lash or gas ring toss) and more.....

.a donation bar staffed by THE DUSTFISH BARTENDERS (the best on the playa!) and food (lovingly made by the soupmiester, Honne and Ester (my sister), and... and... and ...more...............and oh ya, the melting, undulating walls created by that master of light and color-DR. FRIENDLY. blinkin' lights, fire, and lots and lots of love. mc'd and hosted by $teven Ra$pa (himself!), Lord Huckleberry, and Opal Essence and probably others?

THE EVENT IS BEING SPONSORED BY: $teven Ra$pa---Lord Huckleberry-Opal Essence- ANON SALON, DUSTFISH & a HOST OF FRIENDS OF ANGEL DAI you don't have to, but, you could dress as your favorite naughty or nice angel? festive attire, as usual, is highly encouraged. we might even give a prize to the best angel....ya, maybe we'll have an angel fashion show? Click here for more info. Because of...and in the name of the power and the glory and the beauty of LOVE Invoking the Angels Lord Huckleberry, Opal Essence,$teven Ra$pa, ANON SALON and a HOST OF FRIENDS!!! Invite you to a GALA BENEFIT for our friend DAI Friday February 28, 2003 9:00pm - ??? 1850 Cesar Chavez Building 3, Door 3 on Connecticut St. in San Francisco Suggested Donation: $5 - $5000 FEATURING: LIVE MUSIC Alt Tal, Kurt Wahlberg, Nubs and Gooferman DJS Nome w/ Alchemy Darin(live on keyboards), Crazy Dave, 12 Step and special appearance by DJ DAI!!! VISUAL MIRACLES by Dr. Friendly BEVERAGES AND... The DUSTFISH Bartenders ENTERTAINMENT Yes.. blinkin' lights...and stuff...and...You MCS $teven Ra$pa and Lord Huckleberry Click map for driving directions Website being slapped together by Tumi's Copies & Design